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The Loan Process 


Loan application (1003) completed and submitted

Income Documentation:

a. 30 days of the most current pay stubs

Any questions regarding the process, please contact me at


b. The last two years of tax returns (all pages, tax pages will suffice for self-employed individuals)

c. The last two months of bank statements (all pages)


Clear copies of a state issued identification card OR drivers license and social security card

After careful evaluation of your income, debt, credit rating, property type and value (determined by appraisal), all information will be forwarded to the appropriate lender and underwriter.  

The length of time for underwriting will vary based on several factors that are determined on a case by case basis. 

Once the underwriting process is complete and your file is approved, with all conditions cleared, it will be set for funding. Immediately following funding, the recording process will take place.


You are then the new legal owner of your home.

What would be needed from you to start the loan process:

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