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About Vincent

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I obtained my Real Estate License in 1998 and functioned primarily as a Realtor in various areas of Southern California until 2008 (when the Real Estate market drastically declined). Once that happened, I decided to try my hand as a Mortgage Loan Officer and immediately created a niche in that field. 


In my opinion, solid knowledge of the Real Estate field and how to provide financing to obtain it are essential in order to provide optimal service to my much deserving clients. I now actually have experience on both sides.

As of November 2019, I obtained my Real Estate Brokers License. I now gladly offer all services that are covered under that title, as well as continued service as a loan officer.

 Personally, I am honored when chosen to represent clients in any aspect of the home purchasing process. To show my appreciation, I offer a high level of loyalty, integrity and honesty. I pride myself on that!


I would like to thank all past and prospective clients.  I will continue to service each and every deal as if they are my own personal transactions.


Best regards,

Vincent Williams

Real Estate Broker/Loan Officer


  • FHA Loans

  • Conventional Loans

  • VA Loans

  • Real Estate Agent

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